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The spouse will be dominating, career-oriented, tough but generous. The native will have to be careful in dealing with his spouse otherwise there may be tension in domestic life. His maternal uncle will not be rich. The native will try to enter into a partnership with highly placed persons. The spouse will be soft-spoken, kind-hearted and learned but she will be finicky and critical of others.

The second child of the native will have proficiency or interest in languages. The native will be changeable in his affections and he may have more than one marriage. The owner of the seventh here is also the owner of the fourth house. The spouse will, therefore, be connected with the government. A strong and well placed Mercury will make the maternal uncle of the native very wealthy. She will like to collect expensive but artistic items. She will be fond of jewelry, perfumes and good things of life. The spouse will be passionate, generous and loyal and will work for domestic peace.

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Venus, the owner of the seventh house here is also the owner of the second house. Venus is, therefore, a powerful significator of death for the native. The nature of the death of the native will depend on the influence Venus receives in the chart. In a male chart, a powerful Venus will ensure a long and healthy life for the wife of the native since Venus is the owner of the first and the eighth houses for the wife of the native as counted from the seventh house and also the significator for the wife.

The spouse of the native will be argumentative, jealous and of a quick temper. He will also have a weakness for women. The native will have to be careful in communicating with him otherwise there is a likelihood of separation. The owner of the seventh here is also the owner of the twelfth house.

If Mars is weak the native will have to spend substantially on his spouse and the spouse would be sickly. If Mars is connected with the fourth house the spouse may be a surgeon in a hospital, since the fourth house is the tenth as counted from the seventh house indicating profession or service. Here Mars is the significator of two houses namely the seventh and the twelfth houses, which are representative of sex urge and pleasures. If Mars influences the fourth house and the Moon, sex will be uppermost in the mind of the native.

Jupiter in 7th house in Male and female horoscope

If Mars influences the fifth house and Venus, the native will be oversexed, he will have love affairs and he will get married to one of his beloveds. If Mars is powerful the children of the native especially the first born, will be long-lived and healthy. This can be further analyzed in the manner similar to Aries in the twelfth house. The spouse will be courageous but not very intelligent.

She will be loving, accommodating and good-natured. She will be talented and will have good self-control. The owner of the seventh house is Jupiter here which is also the owner of the tenth house.

Jupiter, being the karaka for husband, will in a female chart be a prominent significator of husband. If Jupiter is powerful, the husband will be long-lived and healthy. He will be a teacher, lawyer or a religious preacher. If Jupiter has a connection with the fourth house, the spouse will be in government service. A powerful Jupiter is a clear indication that the father of the native will be wealthy and will earn without much effort since Jupiter is the significator for wealth and is the owner of the second and eleventh houses here as counted from the ninth.

This can be further analyzed in the manner similar to Pisces in the tenth house. You can get lost in relationships and need to work hard at maintaining your own separate identity. Boundaries can be good for you as well, and higher expectations for your partners. You could be especially attracted to artists and creative types. Natal Pluto in the 7th House With your natal Pluto in your 7th house, you may continually experience struggles over power and control in your close relationships. Some of you may avoid relationships completely, terrified of being controlled by someone.

Partners may be possessive, jealous, controlling, powerful, intense, and passionate. If you end up with people who are bad for you, make sure you see your part in allowing that to happen. If you can work on your power and control issues and your fear of loss, you can actually become more powerful through your close relationships, finding the strength and control over your life that you need.

You can have a hard time doing anything alone or being in a crowd. You want to make improvements to your relationships and become more committed. You come across as more charming, mediating, and can make compromises happen. Transit Moon in the 7th House Your relationships are intertwined with your feelings, and you may be more prone to expressing your feelings with a partner, or they may be more apt to make you more emotional.

Natal Neptune in the 7th House • The Astro Codex

How you feel about your relationships comes under the microscope, and this can lead to a better understanding of those relationships or more fighting. Feeling like you need to be around people can be higher these few days which can make this a social time. What others say to you, especially about you and your life, can have a greater impact on you and cause emotional distress.

This is a good time to create a new partnership agreement or have a conversation with someone about your relationship with them so you can come up with a plan for fixing any issues. You can win people over with your persuasive charm. Transit Venus in the 7th House When transit Venus is in your 7th house, you desire being committed to someone, and can make a commitment with someone more easily than usual.

Someone who is willing to compromise with you will really get your attention, and who is charming and pleasant in social situations, with an air of dignity and grace. Looks may be more important than usual too. This can be a good time to forge a new partnership, personal or business, and work out negotiations and compromises. You want to have more commitment in your life, through your personal and business relationships, and with the projects and appointments you commit yourself to. If single, this can be a time where you decide to make a relationship more serious. You can also strive to bring more balance and harmony in your life, needing it to maintain your energy.

Transit Jupiter in the 7th House When transit Jupiter is in your 7th house, you could do well with a partner. Personally, you may commit to someone, move in with them, become engaged, or get married, and you prefer being in a relationship over being alone. Professionally, you could take on a business partner and do very well together. Some sort of important partnership is likely during this transit. If you have to appear in front of people, you can make a good impression on them.

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Transit Saturn in the 7th House When transit Saturn is in your 7th house, you can experience some issues in your existing relationships, and have to face whatever comes up. The problems that do arise are meant to help you improve the relationship, strengthen it, and make it more lasting. Some relationships may come to an end though. You learn what you want and need from someone, what commitment means to you, and what you can contribute to a relationship.

Saturn In The Seventh House in Horoscope (Saturn in the 7th house)

This can be a good thing, where you do commit to something important, or to someone. Transit Uranus in the 7th House When transit Uranus is in your 7th house, you can experience change in your close relationships. Your partners can become unreliable, or you become unpredictable.